People have been selling oysters on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh for 200 years. Once they were sold in cellars and on street corners
but now they take pride of place at our Oyster Bar. Ever since the first spice boats docked in the port of Leith, food here has been open
to worldwide influences and that is the approach we take with our local seafood. Our classic Fish Soup is enhanced with North African
flavours of pungent saffron & orange and the Harissa based Rouille. Our Razor Clams are married with Iberico chorizo and Sicilian
lemons and our Shetland Mussels are cooked in an Asian broth of fermented ginger & black bean and freshly shredded coriander.
Ondine is inspired by a lifetime of the love and appreciation of seafood.

Fish Soup


The whole point of Ondine is taste. We are very lucky to have a team around us with palates educated in different
cultures and backgrounds. We want to take the fish on a journey, where the texture and character can be lengthened
by a variety of cultural influences to get the best results.



As soon as you walk in you know this is a special place. Fresh oysters are stacked respectfully in the ice cabinet. The curved,
horseshoe Oyster Bar quietly dominates the centre of the room. It’s flooded with natural light - dark wooden planks
on the floor and simple grey slate topped tables graced with fine crystal and starched white linen. Here you
will enjoy the best fish and seafood in the country.

The room

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