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Ondine Oyster & Grill is a proper seafood restaurant.

From the day that we opened the doors of Ondine in the heart of Edinburgh's historic Old Town, we wanted to create an atmosphere where people could roll up their sleeves, relax and truly enjoy the finest seafood and shellfish from the East Coast of Scotland and beyond, prepared with real love and respect.

Our emphasis is on the fishermen who provide us with the freshest and most sustainable produce, which we celebrate with knowledgeable yet satisfying cooking.

This year, we will also be adding something different to our menu, serving carefully selected cuts of meat from hand-picked British suppliers, simply grilled to perfection, with a beautiful crust on the outside, retaining all of the precious juices inside.
Meat selected for its quality and flavour, served as it should be.

We look forward to sharing our love of cooking with you soon.

— Roy Brett —



Ever since the first spice boats docked in the port of Leith, food in Edinburgh has been open to worldwide influences and that is the approach we take with our local Scottish seafood. Our classic Fish Soup is enhanced with North African flavours of pungent saffron and oranges and our Harissa based Rouille. Local Dunbar crab is married with Spanish saffron and tarragon in our Crab Risotto, and Salt and Pepper Squid is served with a Vietnamese dipping sauce with fresh ginger, lime juice and chilli. Ondine is inspired by a lifetime of the love and appreciation of seafood. We give our customers a Scottish seafood experience to remember and look forward to sharing that experience with you soon in the restaurant, or with your family at home.

Spiced Monkfish
Ondine Fresh Oysters
North Sea Cod