Welcome to Ondine.

Welcome to Ondine.

Based in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic city centre, Ondine is a proper seafood restaurant.

Our emphasis is on the fishermen who provide us with the freshest and most sustainable fish and shellfish which we celebrate with knowledgeable yet satisfying cooking.

Alongside the food, customers always mention Ondine’s special atmosphere. As a chef with 30 years experience, nothing gives me more pleasure than to hear the buzz and energy from the dining room when the kitchen doors open.

It’s very humbling to be acclaimed by guide books and fellow chefs but for me, every customer is our most important critic. We don’t follow fashions as they come and go but every day we celebrate the sea and the brave fishermen who make Ondine possible.

We look forward to sharing the Ondine experience with you.

Roy Brett
Ondine Chef Patron.

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